Marquette Warrior: Abortion Dehumanizes

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Abortion Dehumanizes

Via Shack Sounds Off and Constitutionally Right, a story from the Badger Herald about a pro-abortion campus speaker named Dennis Christensen.
The focus of Christensen’s presentation was the testimony of a woman who said she bore her daughter in 1961 because the law prohibited her from having an abortion.

“It was an extraordinarily difficult time,” said the woman, who wished to remain anonymous. “It changed my life forever.”

The woman even traveled to Mexico in an attempt to bypass the abortion laws in the United States, but she returned home immediately upon seeing the dangerous conditions under which the abortions were performed.

“I am thankful that my daughter is alive and well and happy,” the woman said. “But each and every day I am reminded of the fact that she exists. My life would have been much different if I would have been able to [have the abortion].”
“Shack” gets it right when he says “I would hate to be her daughter.”

What we have here is nothing less than a perversion of the normal human instinct to nurture and protect young and innocent human life.

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