Marquette Warrior: Indian Headdresses at Tomorrow’s Marquette Game

Friday, March 02, 2007

Indian Headdresses at Tomorrow’s Marquette Game

We blogged just this afternoon about how a Marquette bureaucrat, Assistant Vice President James McMahon, called a Marquette student into his office and threatened that if he wore an Indian headdress to tomorrow’s game at the Bradley Center, the headdress would be confiscated and the student ejected from the game.

Unfortunately the student, Dan O’Connell (who left us voice mail a few minutes ago), has decided he will not wear the Indian garb, since he does “not want to make a scene.”

In reality, it’s doubtful that even Marquette bureaucrats would challenge his headdress, since doing so during a game would indeed create a massive scene, with a huge chorus of boos from the crowd. And a video (or three) of the confrontation would be seen by the whole wide world on YouTube.

But there is good news.

A Facebook group has been started LETS WEAR HEADDRESSES!!! has been started.

(To access the Facebook page, you will have to create an account if you don’t already have one.)

The founder of the group, John Johannes, explains:
In response to the banning of Dan O’Connell’s headdress, lets all wear Indian Headdresses to the PITT Game. They can’t kick us all out, and if they try they will make the university look like an ass! Hell I don’t even know Dan but im on his side! So get all your friends and wear a headdress! Get some construction paper contruction paper and some safety scissors and make your own!
13 people have joined the group.

The project is also promoted on the MARQUETTE VS PITT Facebook page. The group has 35 confirmed guests, but it’s not clear they are committed to wear headdresses, as opposed to merely coming to the game.

On any college campuse, one of the problems with conservative students is that they are . . . well . . . conservative. Respectful of authority. Wanting to live their own lives and not meddle in other people’s business.

But unfortunately, the politically correct administrators at Marquette don’t deserve the respect that a (say) old-style priest or one’s parents deserve.

They deserve to be confronted on their abuse of power, and their intolerance of free expression.

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