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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Most Hopeless Dork Site on the Entire Web

The most famous phone number in the universe is, of course, one made famous by a 1980s one-hit wonder band called Tommy Tutone.

Their hit “Jenny (867-5309)” is probably the greatest of all one-hit wonder hits.

It was causing trouble for people as late as 1999s. According to, Brown University got the exchange prefix 867 and assigned it to dorm numbers.
The biggest complaints about the new phone exchange come from Nina Clemente ‘03 and Jahanaz Mirza ‘03, the two students with the telephone number 867-5309.

“It’s so annoying,” Nina said. “It’s the worst number to have in the world.”

The girls receive an average of five “stupid” messages every day on their machine, in addition to a slew of hang-ups.

“It’s as if they are really expecting Jenny to pick up the phone,” Clemente said.

Unfortunately, the problem is not getting better, and people just keep calling. Some ask for Jenny, some play the Tommy Tutone song on the girls’ answering machine, and some males even leave their phone numbers in hopes of finding a date.
But if people who would leave a number for hapless coeds at Brown are hopeless dorks, what about this?

A web site “Jenny, Are You There?” reports the findings of a fellow who called 867-5309 in every area code in the United States.

At the end, he includes a copy of his phone bill for the month when he did that!

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