Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shark and Shepherd on “Coexist” Bumper Sticker

As is typical these days, the most sensible comment on this brouhaha comes from Rick Esenberg.
It is because of these faithful and peaceful Muslims that we ought to be careful to limit our criticisms to those factions within Islam who do, with apologies to Mr. White, believe that their faith commands murder and misogyny.

But those factions exist and they are rather large. Islam has a problem and it will still be there whether or not we pretend that it isn’t. As the left correctly points out, terrorism is not a cause, it’s a tactic. I wish the enemy wasn’t an ugly version of Islam adhered to by millions of people. But it is. I don’t see how you respond to a problem by deliberately misunderstanding it. By positing an equivalence among faiths on the question of coexistence, the bumper sticker does that.

One final point. Marcus White’s belief that coexistence requires that TMJ take down the parody actually reflects what has made coexistence with Islam in Europe so difficult. Coexistence in a diverse society requires understanding that other people who do not share your views will say and do things that offend you and you do not get to make them stop.
While saying that Islam has a problem is politically incorrect and not to be uttered by the liberals at places like the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, attacking Christians is something they never seem to object to.

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