Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sweeney’s To Stay Close to Campus: Moving to China Garden Location

We can now confirm that Sweeney’s College Books, which is being forced out of a building that Marquette recently bought at the corner of 17th Street and Wisconsin Avenue, will be moving to the former China Garden location on Wells Street across from the Alumni Memorial Union.

The new location is slightly smaller, having about 600 square feet less floor space. However, owner Ed Sweeney expects to have more usable shelf space due to the lack of the pillars that complicated the layout of the store at the old location.

Sweeney’s will be in the old location during the Summer of 2008, and during the August-September rush in 2008, but then will move to the new location at the end of September, 2008. The current lease expires at the end of September.



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