Saturday, September 13, 2008

Polling in the Darling/Wasserman Race

We just got a call on our land-line asking us how we intended to vote in the Alberta Darling/Sheldon Wasserman state senate race.

The interviewer didn’t know how to pronounce “Wasserman.”

That was the one question. No demographics. No “push polling.” Just vote preference.

We asked him from where he was calling. He said “Central America,” and then quickly corrected himself saying “Florida.”

We asked him who was paying for the poll: Darling, Wasserman or some other organization. He said some other organization, but didn’t see to want to give more information.

We pressed him on the name of the firm that was doing the research and he said “WC Research.”
Whoever is paying for this poll needs to see that the interviewers at least know how to pronounce the candidates names.



Anonymous JP said...

100% Guarentee that the poll didnt come from the darling camp

8:47 PM  
Anonymous joe stalin said...

JP. Wasserman is liberal. Liberals will do and say anything.
ANYTHING to win. Liberals will allow their campaign funds and the funds of groups who back them to be used "for any means necessary".
Wasserman doesn't have the morals nor character to be ashamed of how he has run his campaign. The Democrat party of Wisconsin is even less moral than Wasserman.
Liberals have lost their way. They have no moral compass, no conscience nor any sense of right vs wrong.
Just the facts.

10:27 PM  
Blogger Larry said...

Yeah, totally... Republicans and conservatives would never stoop that low... gimme a break.

1:46 PM  

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