Thursday, October 23, 2008

More on Bill Ayers: He Dedicated a Book to Sirhan Sirhan

From a correspondent of ours, more information on Bill Ayers, from Zombie Time.

One of the most hair raising things about Ayers: his book Prairie Fire was dedicated to, among others, the man who murdered Robert Kennedy.

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Anonymous gus said...

John, don't let that bother you. Barry Obama didn't turn 7 until after Bobby Kennedy was murdered so anything that Ayers supported and advocated up to and including now don't count.
What is hilarious is how stupid some people are.
I'm not interested in how old Barry was when Sirhan Sirhan killed Kennedy. I'm not interested in how old Barry Obama was when the Manson clan killed the Tates and LaBianca's. I'm not interested in how old Barry H. Obama was when Billy and Bernie did their little rampage.
I'm interested in knowning what kind of man would be close friends with these creeps all these years despite the Ayers/Dohrn family still harboring their sick positions.
In my mind that alone disqualifies Barry Obama from any office.

9:19 PM  
Blogger tracywoolery said...

Who has a friend that thinks the Killing of Robert Kennedy is Cool, OBAMA! Ted Kennedy and Colin Powell should rescind their endorsements.
This crosses the line, Obama has friends that believe in end of Israel. He is a Wolf in sheep clothing. Who has friends like his buds.

9:28 AM  

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