Thursday, December 11, 2008

Che Chic and the Airhead Celebrities

This high-res video is too large to embed here, but go to Reason TV for a pointed dissection of the airheads who wear Che t-shirts and other insignia.

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Blogger Tom said...

The comments are massive, but I saw one I really liked. I'll edit it for civility, but it went something like "I love the shirts. If I see someone wearing one, I know they're a certifiable moron. Takes the guesswork out."

7:08 AM  
Anonymous gus said...

Good point Tom.

But those who wear Che Chic, vote Obama or Blagojevich.

Liberals are "easy prey" for Obama and Blagojevich. OBie and Blago have figured it out.
Tell them you care,
Use Marxist rhetoric and the SHEEP WILL FOLLOW!

Bahhhh, bahhhh, bahhhhhh!

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

My favorite Che t-shirt:

7:29 PM  

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