Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gay “Censorship?”

Consider the following story from Pink News:
A local television station in the United States has pulled a one hour programme paid for by a notoriously homophobic “family” group.
“Homophobic” here, of course, simply means “Christian.”
The American Family Association (AFA) had paid for airtime on WOOD-TV in Michigan to screen Speechless: Silencing the Christians.

It claims to “reveal the truth about the radical homosexual agenda and its impact on the family, the nation and religious freedom.”

WOOD-TV General Manager Diane Kniowski said earlier this week that it would not run the AFA programme this Saturday as planned.

“Our station is being bombarded with calls and messages, and we find ourselves in the middle of someone else’s fight,” she said.

“Ours was a fair offer and we are removing ourselves from this matter.”

The programme, which is available online, claims hate crimes laws target preaching what the Bible says about homosexuality, gays play a key role to play in the spread of all STDs and HIV/AIDS and employment protection based on sexual orientation will force churches to hire homosexuals.
Of course, all of this is true, if politically incorrect to mention.
The Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organisation, had urged its members to contact the station and ask that they pull the programme.
The same website trumpets “McDonald’s defiant as homophobes call for boycott,” obviously happy that the fast food giant is resisting a boycott from the American Family Association.

So while they are bringing pressure to bear on a Michigan TV station, they are happy that another company is paying little heed to pressure brought from the other side.

In fact, the article on McDonald’s complains that the AFA has “advocated censorship of print and electronic media.” This from an organization that advocates censorship of print and electronic media.

We, in fact, think that anybody has a right to buy from, or refuse to buy from, anybody they want. If you don’t like the policies of a company, you have a right to shop elsewhere. If you don’t like what a TV station shows, you can switch the channel.

It’s only really censorship when government is involved, and the gay lobby is happy to get government involved in trying to shut up opinions they don’t like, via “hate speech” laws.

In fact, private markets provide a strong incentive for business enterprises to avoid controversy and not get far outside the boundaries of what’s socially acceptable. For example, Pink News complains that:
Last year in a dramatic u-turn Wal-Mart, the largest grocer in the US and the second largest in the world, stepped back from the active support it was previously giving to gay-rights groups.

The AFA threatened to boycott Wal-Mart’s next big sales period and condemned the blanket support it offered to gay-friendly business initiatives.
And further complains that “Heniz [sic] shrugs off gay boycott with soaring sales figures.” Heinz had shown a commercial with two men kissing. In the wake of complaints Heinz explained:
The advertisement was intended to be humorous, not designed to cause offence to anyone.

Clearly it failed in its intent to amuse and that is why we took the decision to withdraw it.
Bottom line: the next time somebody accuses somebody on the other side of the ideological spectrum of engaging in “censorship,” look around and you are likely to see them rooting for exactly the same kind of “censorship” from their own side.

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Anonymous Clutch said...

“Homophobic” here, of course, simply means “Christian.”

How impressive that you can legislate who is and isn't a True Christian, based on whether they share your gayanoia.

And "impressive" here, of course, simply means "tediously vapid". The Phelps band of nutbars are quite perfectly convinced that they're persecuted simply because they're Christians, too. Can you think of any reasons other than the mere fact of their self-described religious denomination for a TV station not to carry their messages (e.g., that "God hates fags", and that American military casualties are God's punishment on a Big Gay Nation)?

5:44 AM  
Blogger West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

This is exactly how the gay agenda works.

If you oppose homosexuality, i.e., you are a Christian, you have now become a "harasser" or a "homophobe." Laws are sneaking into our school systems that encourage and protect children who believe the propaganda the gay activists are feeding them.

It is infiltrating our work places and our state laws/codes.

We have to get more vocal and active about this issue.

Here in West Bend, we are looking at two open seats on our school board. These are places we can begin, since we are forced to work from "the bottom - up."

The state supt. vote on Tuesday is vital. If we don't get a conservative on board,i.e., Rose Fernandez or Van Mobley, we will suffer more of the same. And I am only talking about an area that affects our KIDS here...

Thanks for posting this.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Other Side said...

These are places we can begin, since we are forced to work from "the bottom - up."


11:32 AM  

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