Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Milwaukee Democratic Party: Amend the Constitution to Take Away Free Speech for Corporations

Of course, the left has been livid about the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case, in which a conservative majority on the Supreme Court ruled that corporations do have First Amendment Free Speech rights.

(Of course, Free Speech rights for the corporations that own the New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN are something liberals fully believe in.)

But how do you reverse the effects of the ruling? A group called Move to Amend wants to amend the Constitution of the United States to take free speech rights away from corporations.

So what sort of people and groups are involved in Move to Amend?

Code Pink is there. So are the National Lawyers Guild and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. The two latter were, during the Cold War, flat-out Communist fronts (although we know little about their recent history). A perusal of the right-hand panel of their webpage will make it obvious that this is the moonbat left.

But then who locally is endorsing them?

The Milwaukee County Democratic Party!

They have sent an e-mail to a mailing list called “announce@milwaukeedems.org.” E-mails to bad addresses go back to: “announce-bounces@milwaukeedems.org.”

And yes, Milwaukeedems.org is the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County!

The e-mail, and the web page to which is links, are moonbatty to the extreme.

The e-mail, for example, suggests that citizens take action against the Supreme Court ruling.
Hold a Funeral for Democracy!

Organize a mock funeral outside your closest federal building, with mourners, music, speakers, and eulogies for democracy. Let everyone know that the U.S. judiciary has made democracy illegal by granting away our rights to corporations. Take video to post on YouTube, invite the media, and make sure your political officials are invited to speak in memory of democracy.
The web page linked in the e-mail has some other rather “interesting” suggestions for activism.
Do you live in the hometown or attend the alma mater of one of the Corporate Five?

Organize a rally/circulate a petition and send a press release to the media declaring your town/college is disowning the Justice as an embarrassment and disgrace to democracy. Send the Justice a “Certificate of Disownment”.
Then there is this:
Present a Corporate Megaphone Award “for Calling the Shots”

Go visit with the CEO of a big corporation in your community and congratulate him/her on receiving all the power they need to set the agenda for America, to drown out the voices of everyday Americans and to take the pesky responsibility for self-governance out of the hands of We the People. Present a big oversized golden megaphone to make your point, and take a nice photo or video!
Of course we expect any Democratic Party organization to lean to the left. But we wouldn’t expect such an organization to embrace the radical left so openly, nor show such a fondness for guerrilla theater.

Of course, maybe they did not intend to do it “openly.” A search of their website turns up nothing about the drive to amend or the organization Move to Amend. But maybe it’s taking them a while to update the site. Or maybe they sent out the e-mail, hoping that it would not become known beyond a narrow cadre of hard leftists on their list.

An attempt to contact the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County for comment was not immediately successful.

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