Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lesbian Dean Candidate: Archbishop, Search Committee Members Talk

From WISN-TV, a story on the role of of Archbishop Jerome Listecki in Marquette’s decision to rescind a offer of the Arts & Sciences Deanship to Jodi O’Brien.

What is significant here? The fact that the Search Committee knew there would be “pushback” if an activist lesbian were chosen for the job.

Search Committee members Rosemary Stuart and Scott Reid confirm that.

But did the committee fully inform Wild about all the elements of O’Brien’s writing that might be viewed as objectionable? We don’t really know, but we know that both the Search Committee (which somehow viewed O’Brien’s scholarly record as sufficient, and somehow viewed it as consistent with the Catholic mission of Marquette) and Wild (who seems to have been blindsided by the controversy that developed) bear considerable responsibility.

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