Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Letter to the Editor: Trashing Church Teaching on Homosexuality

The following is a response to our post “Campus Ministry, Gay Group Trash Bible, Church Teachings on Homosexuality.”
On controversial issues, panels should present fairly both sides of the issue. I doubt very much that the conservative side and a solid Catholic response to these constant negations of biblical authority with regard to the immorality not only of homosexual acts, but also of any sexual act that is not in the context of a committed heterosexual marriage (the second adjective should be totally unnecessary but unfortunately has to be stated) that is open to the procreation, raising, and educating of children in a loving family atmosphere. Though I haven’t seen the movie, I can predict every aspect of it and how it belittles as “fundamentalism” any serious consideration that the Bible and God may actually condemn certain sexual actions. Then it plays on heart strings with all kinds of sob stories. Yet nothing could not be truer than the saying that “hard cases make bad law,” and they make even “worse ethics.”

I find these kinds of movies/panel discussions quite dishonest and even disgusting on a university campus: This won’t be an occasion of honest discussion and seeking of the truth, but it will be blatantly one-sided propaganda. Any voice of reason that dares to speak up will be drowned out or mocked. This is the opposite of learning and education -- it is brainwashing, worthy of totalitarian governments. It is reinforcing the ideology of most attendees, and attempts to convince innocent bystanders who happen to wander in that black is white and white is black.



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