Monday, May 02, 2011

Marquette’s Gay Honors Program End-of-Year Party

From the Honors Program, a flyer saying:
Marquette Faculty, Administrators, and Staff,
you’re invited to…

End of Year LGBT & Allies at Marquette Celebration
But it was on April 15. Damn! We missed it!

It was hosted, of course, by the Honors Program.

The flyer tells people to “Spread the Word,” and then tells them the location:
Coughlin Hall 001 (enter through the south door)
The purpose:
In 2010-­2011, the Marquette community has taken some important steps to affirm the dignity of our LGBT members. Let’s recognize and celebrate these accomplishments with good food and our fellow faculty, administrators, and staff!
And finally:
  • Unveiling of the “LGBT @ WGST” website
  • Recognizing Research Accomplishments in Lesbian, Gay, and Queer Studies
  • Celebrating the coming of partner benefits in 2012!
There is indeed a lot to celebrate when the Marquette administration has given you virtually everything you wanted.

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