Thursday, October 03, 2013

Environmental Naziism: Punish Politicians Who Don’t Accept Global Warming

This fellow is not new to this blog: David Suzuki, who has said he wants to imprison politicians who disagree with him about global warming.

He hasn’t recanted or backed off, as this video clip shows.

If you watch is, you will notice that the audience applauds when Suzuki suggests legal punishment for people who don’t accept his view of the issue.

In other words, this kind of environmental fascism is not just some idiosyncratic notion on Suzuki’s part. Quite a substantial number of liberals and leftists would punish people who disagree with them on this issue. And of course, other issues too.

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Blogger Stephen Holmes-Brown said...

I would like to be astounded that this man is still lauded as some sort of expert on this field, but sadly as long as you hold the 'right' positions what you actually know, think or say means little. For a heavy smackdown of Suzuki's utter ignorance of climate science have a look at this post from Australia's Andrew Bolt

12:54 AM  

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