Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tweet From Marquette Center Praised Assata Shakur as “Courageous”

Marquette, in the wake of our publicizing a mural in the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center lauding cop killer Assata Shakur, has been in damage control mode, insisting that higher level administrators didn’t know about it.

And that may well be so. But did staffers in the Center, who must have approved the mural know about the woman they were holding up as a sage or role model? Or was it all just a matter of ignorance, with the women of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority wanting to put up a mural of a woman nobody knew anything about? If it was ignorance, the ignorance was stunning.

Of course, the quotes in question came from Shakur’s autobiography. How could anybody read her autobiography and not know about her murder conviction? But maybe somebody simply found the quotes entirely out of context.

However The College Fix has turned up a Tweet, from the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, that clearly implies staffers there did know about the woman whose image they allowed to be painted on their wall.

How in the world could they think she was “courageous?” If they had any information about her at all, they would know that Shakur is a cop killer who is on the FBI’s list of the Ten Most Wanted Terrorists. Who judged her to be “courageous?”

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Blogger Deja Voodoo said...

Leftists have their own lexicon, and an understanding of "courage" completely different from yours or mine. I have the misfortune of being represented in the state senate by a fleebagger. A friend who lives in the same district praised him as courageous. She didn't catch my Sir Robin reference.

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