Friday, June 19, 2015

Shakur Mural Gets Support from Communist Paper

From Workers World, whose motto is “Workers & Oppressed Peoples of the World Unite!,” an article attacking Marquette for painting over the mural of cop killer Assata Shakur.

The article has the sort of rhetoric one would expect from a far left paper, including things like this:
At a time when every progressive law, every policy, every organization and every resource is under attack by the right wing in Wisconsin, the destruction of the mural must be seen as part of the overall effort by Wall Street and their servants to attempt to smash what’s left of the labor-community movement and to make the state a Jim Crow, low-wage, nonunion, deregulated playground.
Particularly interesting is the following:
The Coalition of and for Students of Color at Marquette University issued a statement May 18 after the mural was removed:

“Marquette University does not waste a moment. They painted over a mural with inspirational quotes from activist Assata Shakur without asking anyone (the students) if it was ok the same day of graduation. This is an attempt to erase our voice and silence the people, but we refuse to be silenced MU! Remember you are only functioning because we pay tuition and the Coalition doesn’t believe the mural should have been painted over. This is disrespectful and unacceptable!”
So who is this Coalition of and for Students? As per their Facebook page, they are another project of the grievance industry at Marquette, whining about being minorities on a majority white campus.

Workers World is a Communist newspaper.

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