Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jorge Ramos: Sense of Racial Entitlement Trumped

It’s typical of race hustlers: they feel entitled. As members of a politically correct victim group, they think that claims of historic oppression free them from obeying the rules that apply to everybody else.

They get away with way too much.

But not always, as a confrontation between race hustler Jorge Ramos and Donald Trump showed. From The American Spectator:
Jorge Ramos played the race card in an Iowa press conference.

Donald Trump would have none of it. Bravo.

So as the scene unfolded on CNN, there is Donald Trump in Iowa, holding a press conference.

And from off screen comes this insistent voice — barely heard as there was no microphone for the unidentified speaker. But even barely heard it was clear whoever it was had a cause to promote — an agenda. Trump, the anti-Hillary who repeatedly talks to reporters of all stripes, all networks, all publications, was clearly in the process of calling on another reporter. The speaker was having none of this. He demanded attention from Trump — right NOW!

As it came clear that Trump — no Bernie Sanders he — was not going to be bullied by whomever and would actually run his own press conference — the cameras pulled back to reveal the rude guy.

It was Jorge Ramos of Univision. Ahhhh. The agenda comes clear. Univision — the company that broke its contract with Trump and dumped the Trump-owned Miss Universe when Trump noted that yes, in fact, there were illegals coming across the U.S. border and committing crimes. Trump promptly answered Univision back with a $500 million lawsuit. So Ramos was there in Iowa to score a blow for race card playing. And as he continued his rant — Trump promptly had him removed. Eventually, he gave the OK for Ramos to return, welcomed him back, and had a completely civil exchange on immigration. The incident was perfect metaphor for the illegal immigration issue. Ramos jumped the press conference rules and was sent back — only welcomed back inside when he agreed to live by the same rules as the rest of the press corps in the room.
Trump, whom we don’t much like, deserves kudos for this.

Minorities (or more properly, hustlers who claim to represent them) have been pampered and coddled way too much. Just a few examples:

Marquette Students Push Back

This latter case, however, created a lot of push back from Marquette students. A student (apparently a leftist) named Zoe Del Colle produced an album on Facebook of what she called “The Racist Comments of Marquette Students.” In fact, the vast majority of comments are not racist at all, they just take exception to the claims of the race hustlers.

The album is a fine view into the minds of the politically correct. They see racism everywhere, and then when people don’t buy their overwrought claims, that’s more evidence of racism. In fact, these folks can’t admit that anybody could disagree with their politics and not be racist.

Kudos to the Marquette students who left those Tweets (most of them, anyway). The campus leftists have been coddled too long. They deserve the treatment Trump gave Ramos: you obey the rules and we will listen to you, but we may disagree with what you say. And if you call us a racist, we will dismiss you as a politically correct yahoo.

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