Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Feminist Harpies at Oxford (and on Facebook)

Surfing around The Spectator (U.K.) we happened on any article titled “Oxford’s new feminist hit squad.” It’s a group of bullies on Facebook whose reach extends into the Oxford student body, having the ability to marginalize those with even mildly politically incorrect attitudes.

The Spectator euphemistically calls the group “Country Living,” and it can indeed be found on Facebook.

It’s a closed group, but one need not be able to see the posts to see how intolerant the people running it are. From the group description:
Welcome to the Facebook group loosely affiliated with the Oxford University-based feminist zine (also online here! smile emoticon Anyone is free to join and contribute, but please take some time to read the guidelines first.

This is intended to be an intersectional, sex positive online space in which we can challenge patriarchy and share our experiences of oppression.

When commenting please bear in mind that in this space the voices of those who are typically marginalised and oppressed in wider society are prioritised. New members of the group, especially cis men: please take some time to read the posts and conversations here before participating.

This group is intended to be as safe a space as possible. Healthy debate is welcomed, but we do not want members of the group to feel threatened and/or marginalised and/or shouted down by people who do not have an understanding of oppression. No one is under any obligation to educate anyone else, especially if their experiences are being attacked or questioned. Just taking some time to read the threads is an educational experience in itself.

Please listen to accounts of lived experiences, reassess your view in light of responses from oppressed and/or marginalised people, and apologise if you offend/upset people with your views. If you are ignoring/talking over individuals with first hand experience of oppression, you will be warned about it. If you ignore that warning, you will be removed from the group. Derailing threads with #notallmen and so on is counterproductive and will result in a warning. Hateful and oppressive language will result in immediate removal from the group. Because this is a safe space, it’s also important that members don’t question the validity of an account of abuse and/or harassment.

If anyone here feels unsafe or threatened on here, please tag one of the admins (Georgiana Jackson-Callen, Nicole Antoinette, Alyson Cruise or Shaina Yang) in the relevant post or message one of us — we will do everything we can to rectify the situation.

If you believe that material you are posting may be triggering, please use a trigger warning (you can find advice on how and when to use those here: For sensitive material that is not triggering, please provide a brief content note (you can find advice on those here: If you’re not sure whether something needs a content/trigger warning, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Helpful guides on privilege:,,

How to respond when you’re called out on something:

Privilege list:
The message to people who don’t agree with the extreme views here: shut up. This being a Facebook group, the administrators do have the power to shut up opinions they don’t like.  But they are working to extend that power over all of society.

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Blogger Rob said...

I know a lot of right wing guys, including myself, who were meant to be professors or advanced level teachers of some sort. I speak Russian and can read and translate Russian literature from the original, I read copious amounts of literature, history and philosophy and even do math as a hobby. And yet there was no track for me to be a teacher or professor. I'm a business owner instead. I have a good friend who can read and translate Goethe in the original, and Beowulf in Old English, his grandfather was a Chaucer scholar, and he does an office job for a transportation company. Another friend is very talented computer programmer and developed GPS software for a trucking company that vastly reduced their accidents and insurance claims, and the company sold the software to other trucking companies and it is in use nationwide now. He got fired for taking part in politically incorrect activism outside of his job, and now he's a trucker and freelance "homesource" computer programmer. Here's a blog post about "homesourced" computer programming by this same trucker:

I was a Russian linguist in the US Army and graduated 3rd in my class at DLI. The military spends about a half million dollars training and clearing linguists (foreign language speakers) and these intellectually lazy American kids lose their language skills within a year of leaving language school.

If college was really about learning, and foreign languages were valued, the US military wouldn't be in such bad shape with regard to linguists. As it is, they often have to hire native speakers who aren't necessarily loyal to the old Stars and Stripes, knowhumsayin'?

Keep that in mind whenever you see "professors" of Politically Correct Grievance Studies. They took the place of the Chaucer scholars and those who can explain Goethe from the original German and Beowulf from Old English and Dostoevsky and Tolstoy from Russian.

4:48 PM  

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