Friday, February 05, 2016

Marquette’s Questionable “Catholic Identity:” More in the Media

From the Cardinal Newman Society: an article on recent events at Marquette and particularly a meeting of “Concerned Catholics” that we reported on here.

Some excerpts:
Last year, Marquette announced that it would conduct a “climate study” to determine the positivity and inclusivity of the University’s atmosphere. The study’s final report cited several concerns about ongoing hostility towards Catholic values: “Many respondents cited their Catholic or conservative values being marginalized, saying ‘Conservative Catholic views on the expression of human sexuality are not respected — not even room for dialogue’ and that ‘There is an ongoing sense of disrespect, anger, and assumptions related to the Catholic identity of our university.’”
And further:
“How can a theology professor not talk about the Church’s teaching on human sexuality?” a participant asked during the forum, according to the meeting minutes. “But, under Title IX, any student who claims to take offense at what is heard in the classroom can anonymously report the professor and cause him or her a world of problems. This is hugely intimidating.”

The Cardinal Newman Society spoke to Dr. John McAdams, professor of political science at Marquette, on the issues raised by Concerned Catholics at MU. He noted that such a system of investigation “has a chilling effect” on Catholics at Marquette.

“If anything you say in class could have you dragged before someone from Human Resources or a department chair or dean with a demand that you explain what you said,” fewer faculty and staff will feel comfortable expressing even Catholic values and beliefs, McAdams warned.
And again:
Mary Jarvis of the Louis Joliet Society, a group of concerned alumni, parents and Marquette associates seeking Catholic renewal at the University, noted that this initial forum “is very encouraging, and we pray that this group’s expressed concerns do not fall on deaf ears.”

“The revelations about Title IX’s chilling effect on teachers and students are jaw-dropping; something those of faith and of no faith, liberal and conservative can all agree is poisonous to a university that identifies itself as Catholic,” Jarvis continued. “The Marquette administration should consider the group’s recommendations seriously.”
Given how strongly Marquette is committed to pandering to the politically correct lobby on campus, it’s questionable they will pay much attention to Concerned Catholics. But some counter pressure against the forces of political correctness can’t hurt.

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