Monday, March 14, 2016

Hall of Shame: University of Illinois Chicago Faculty and Staff Who Wanted Trump Rally Banned

People who have been following this blog know that we are no fan of Donald Trump. But leftists who have tried to shut down his rallies are simply fascists.

Case in point: a bunch of faculty and staff from the University of Illinois, Chicago who demanded that the institution not allow the Donald Trump campaign to use a university venue for a rally.

At all public universities, the First Amendment prevails, and any limits on speech must be “viewpoint neutral.” In other words, you can’t refuse somebody the use of a venue simply because you disagree with him.

The mainstream media (and Trump’s Republican opponents) have largely blamed Trump’s own inflammatory rhetoric. But one evil doesn’t justify another. And leftists who want to call Trump a fascist should not step on their own narrative by acting like fascists themselves.

Here is the list of people who should be ashamed of themselves because of their intolerance of speech they disapprove.

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