Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Donald Trump: Crazy Conspiracy Theorist

If you are even slightly inclined to take this notion seriously, you should read this, and also read this.

Conspiracy theorist Jefferson Morley (one of the few conspiracy theorists with a modicum of mainstream credibility) notes:
In the still photo reproduced by the Enquirer the man alleged to be Cruz appears to be handing out pamphlets with Oswald. In the film version, however, he seems to have taken a pamphlet and talks to other passersby, and then vanishes, never to appear again. The man took a pamphlet. There is no visual evidence that he “worked with” Oswald.
One might try to excuse Trump on the grounds that other important political figures have believed in JFK conspiracy theories. Secretary of State John Kerry is one example.

We think all the JFK conspiracy theories are unsupported by evidence, and most are provably bogus. But having doubts about Oswald as the lone gunman is not a bizarre belief, especially for somebody who has been paying only casual attention to the issue.

But Trump has embraced a very marginal theory for which few if any seasoned buffs (including those who believe in a conspiracy) see any evidence. And he has done so on the basis of a report in the National Enquirer.

If he is so incapable of distinguishing reliable and unreliable evidence on this trivial issue, how much confidence can we have in his judgment on vital matters of national security?

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