Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Really Stupid Attack on Trump

So Donald Trump won’t say that he accepts the outcome of the 2016 election.

The liberals have gone berserk. The New York Times huffed and puffed about “Donald Trump’s Contempt for Democracy.”

But of course, if leftists claim that an election outcome is illegitimate because it was “bought” by “monied interests,” these same people have no problem with that.

Wisconsin leftists, for example, have blamed the Koch brothers for pretty much every election they have lost in the past few years.

And of course, a lot of liberals said Bush as not legitimately elected in 2000. “Selected not elected” they said. Was that an attack on democracy? No, it was just an opinion about the election. If Trump goes around saying that the election was unfairly “fixed” for Hillary, that’s his right. Only if he recruits troops and stages a revolt is there any threat to democracy.


Who was one of the people saying George Bush was “selected not elected?”  Hillary Clinton.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Your opinion is as valid as mine, and I'm not really sure what you are trying to say or which candidate you're backing. Do you believe there is fraud and corruption in America's election process? Even if you read it with your own eyes, will you deny it's true? And is it okay that elections have been bought and paid for a very long time, to include getting rid of human lives to reach their goal? Conservatives have a hard time winning because we don't play by the same rules liberals do. Anything to win is the democratic mantra. Kennedy died because he didn't fit in with what the democratic party had morphed into, and Lyndon Johnson as veep plotted with the elite to take him out. Same thing with his brother Bobby, because he and Jack were on the same page. Then Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated because he wasn't taking the race thingy in the right direction. They even tried to kill Reagan (don't believe everything you hear about who actually did it), and we can only speculate how many others there have been.

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