Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ben Shapiro At Marquette

An announcement from the Young Americans for Freedom:
On February 8th Young Americans for Freedom - (YAF Marquette) will be hosting Ben Shapiro, a prominent conservative lawyer, editor, talk show host, and speaker. Mr. Shapiro will be adressing campus culture, campus leftism, and will give his viewpoints on recent events on Marquette University's and other campuses. There will also be time for Q&A at the end.

There are a limited number of tickets available to the general public. You must regester for a ticket, and show proof of identification:


We encourage attendance from all political affiliations and hope that those we disagree remain respectful to Mr. Shapiro. We especially encourage those who disagree with his views to ask questions during the Q&A session at the end of the lecture.

Doors open at 6:00 pm.
Funding for the Shapiro speech came from Young Americans for Freedom, but with contributions from Marquette Student Government and the Marquette Residence Hall Association.

Shapiro is an articulate conservative. In other words, the sort of person the campus left hates, and on various campuses the Social Justice Warriors have tried to shut him up. It will be interesting to see how Marquette leftists, who fully believe they have the right to suppress speech with which they disagree, react.


Tickets for the general public are now all gone. But there is a possibility that Young Americans for Freedom will get a bigger venue, and people can put their name on a waiting list to get tickets if this happens.

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Blogger Julie Praxmarer said...

Thanks for posting!!! Just got my ticket!

8:59 AM  
Blogger BuckeyeCat said...

Well now let's be fair. If conservative voices are shouted down at Marquette, it's only because the university is devoted to its nose of wax interpretation of cura personalis. Since conservative viewpoints must surely cause great harm to human flourishing, it's only right that benevolent censorship by mob rule should enforce the inclusive can "Jesuit tradition" at Marquette. Perhaps the Provost will treat us to a spontaneous showing of solidarity with the decibel dandies. I mean, how cool would that be?

1:27 PM  
OpenID GB Wenker said...

Ben Shapiro is no conservative, he is a cuckservative.
Thats probably why Marquette University is allowing him to speak.

........A cuckservative is a self-styled "conservative" who will cravenly sell out and undermine his home country's people, culture, and national interest in order to win approval with parties hostile or indifferent to them.

The Platonic form of the cuckservative is the UK's David Cameron, who famously proclaimed that it is England that needs to adapt to Islam and not the other way around. A cuckold is a perfect metaphor for this mewling, loathsome stain of a man.

It's not just one thing. It's not just McConnell selling out his base to lap up donations from Ex-Im Bank beneficiaries. It's not just ¡Jeb! brazenly declaring that Americans need to be replaced by Mexicans because they're a more moral and noble people than us. It's not just Sean Hannity defending Israeli spies. It's not just George W Bush throwing hard-earned American treasure at the HIV-infested toilet of Africa. It's not just Rand Paul's stated desire to return the franchise to millions of black felons who will overwhelmingly use it to vote for more gibsmedat funded by whites.

The idea of amnesty---namely that I, a hard-working, responsible American with no arrest record at all, owe welfare payments, free education, and other "bennies" to foreigners who have no legal right to be here---is rage-inducing enough. Seeing my ostensible defenders in the government bend over backward to make the left like them and justify turning America into a Third World country makes me want to bite my own face off.

The idea that conservatives shouldn't even talk about race is one more way we're cucked. See, the left talks about race all the time. They are explicitly and deliberately organized as a racial grievance party. Each passing year, they become more overtly and brazenly dedicated to punishing and expropriating whites in order to deliver gibsmedat to blacks and Hispanics. And when we complain about the way things are going, we get scolded for being "racist." Holder is right. We are a nation of cowards when it comes to race. We're terrified of speaking out about how black America's problems are most certainly not the fault of the white middle class. We're terrified of talking about what the vast majority of Arabs actually believe. We go into paroxysms of terror if the subject of just why all those Latin American countries are socialist comes up. And God forbid anyone ever, EVER say the two words "white interests" except to say how evil and illegitimate they are - Hateful Heretic.......


.....Ben Shapiro is not just a cuckservative, he is a chickenhawk as well.......

......Ben Shapiro who said people should be hunted down and lose their jobs for holding opinions other people didn't like.......

..........I have to admit, I don't think of Ben Shapiro as an SJW, I think of him as a cuckservative. The two are entirely distinct specimens. However, given that Shapiro has publicly endorsed the most SJW of tactics for one of the five primary SJW ideals, I think his presence on the list is absolutely justified unless and until he publicly recants his support for hunting down racists, punishing them for their opinions, and excluding them from employment.........

After all, the purpose of the SJW List is to inform prospective employers who will be a good little SJW and support the organization's purpose of seeking the highest abstract standard of social justice, and I think it is clear that Ben Shapiro would make an absolutely ideal employee for any converged organization.........


6:58 AM  

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