Friday, March 17, 2017

Academic Fascism by Transgender Activists

Something like this seems to happen every few days at some university. From Breitbart:
Students at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, derailed an event featuring University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson on Friday evening.

The event, which Peterson claimed was originally scheduled to feature a panel of three speakers, was whittled down to just himself after the school received threats for hosting the event.

Peterson was thrust into the spotlight after a video of him engaging with students over a controversial piece of Canadian legislation which would have made it a crime to address transgender individuals by anything other than their chosen set of personal pronouns.
That’s right. A crime. The act in fact does not literally say that, but in the hands of enforcement bureaucrats, failing to call a person with a penis “she” or even “ze” if that’s what he wants will quickly be considered “discrimination.” That is already the case in New York City.
As a precaution before the event at McMaster University, Professor Peterson had students guard the fire alarms around the building so that protesters couldn’t set them off in an attempt to derail the event.

On Friday evening, Peterson was unable to speak at his scheduled event McMaster University due to a group of students who shouted and blew horns. The students shouted “shut him down,” and “transphobic piece of sh*t” in unison, with one student leading the cheer through a megaphone, making it nearly impossible for Peterson’s voice to be heard over their noise.

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Blogger BuckeyeCat said...

We almost all go to Sophist U. now. "Might makes right." Why not print up some Protagoras t-shirts? Gender accommodating language would be needed beneath his (?) picture. After all, he (?) said, "Man is the measure of all things." Social construct theory is rehashed sophist thought. To suggest gender is a social construct, and to deny such "essentialist" chicaneries as an objective human nature, is a Sophist's dream. The notion that subjective perception constitutes the real is actually that old hat. The question, I suppose, is why certain subjective perceptions about gender are privileged above others? Why are people who subjectively perceive gender in a particular way privileged, while the subjective perceptions others are dismissed as offensive? This is to say that the subjective mental states of arbitrarily selected individuals are of more value than the subjective states of others. In order to know this, one has to assume there's an objective basis for recognizing the difference in value. But once that's admitted, then why can't objective thought be used to evaluate the notion of "transgender identities"? Selective objectivity is such a transparent ruse, yet at the various franchises of Sophist U., it's unquestioned. Collectively ideologized minds see such objections as logocentric bids to mask a nefarious political power agenda. Yet, by those accounts, it's only a matter of subjective perception. How could there possibly be an objective objection to anything? How could there be an objectively evil political position either way on the issue? So why take offense about anything in the first place? How ironic to feel morally superior about transgender issues, while embracing a subjectivism and relativism that effectively saw off the superior branch on which the politically pious would need to sit?

11:43 PM  
Blogger GoldRush Apple said...

Straights helped in this Carnival, with their meh attitude towards dating, sex and marriage. Normalization of non-straights increased the speed going downhill. The religion of tolerance and equality added more weight to the vehicle that is society, further increasing its speed towards the cliff plunging into the abyss. The cliff is in sight. It does not get better.

3:37 PM  

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