Marquette Warrior: Student Fascists at Evergreen State College

Monday, May 29, 2017

Student Fascists at Evergreen State College

They think they have a right to riot. Why? They are black. They have been taught they should be aggrieved, and have a right to riot, attack and insult people in order to express their aggrievement. And of course, they will be able to extract a bunch of concessions from cowardly administrators.

And none of them will address the real problems in the black community, which include 72% of black babies born out of wedlock, and blacks committing violent crime at a rate five, six or seven times (depending on the dataset) that of whites. With the overwhelming portion of victims being black.

But they can feel very self-righteous about being social justice warriors.



Black students aren’t the only fascists at this leftist hell-hole of a college.

Here is a professor who refused to leave campus on a day when all white faculty were supposed to leave campus.

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Blogger CS said...

One can understand some students acting like a bunch of Nazi brown shirt bullies if they are allowed, or encouraged, to do so by college authorities. But why do college administrations allow such vile racist displays on campus? Why are such colleges not immediately defunded by both the state and federal governments? So long as such evil behavior is tolerated on American college campuses, one has to assume that America is run by a criminal elite intent on national self-destruction.

10:36 AM  

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