Saturday, September 16, 2017

Democrat’s Dream

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Blogger JoSiah said...

This is a Republican fear, not a Democratic dream. My students have a Libertarian view. I would like to see the Us Vs Them philosophical perspective disappear from a Catholic school whose principals are based upon Christ's teachings, which were totally inclusive. He taught us to seek Union with the Father and not to fight. How do you reconcile love towards one another with your politics? (Former MU grad, three generations.)

10:24 PM  
Blogger John McAdams said...

Not a Democratic dream? You really don't think that the Democrats have noticed that massive illegal immigration helps them politically? First by mobilizing Hispanics who can vote Democratic, and secondly because the illegals will eventually get legal status and vote Democratic.

As for "love towards one another:" do you really believe that lawlessness is a good way to show "love?"

If you were *principled,* you would want immigration law enforced. That would be consistent with wanting the law changed to favor immigrants, but it would not be consistent with lawlessness.

10:36 PM  

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