Marquette Warrior: Stephanie Rapkin, Who Spat on a Leftist Protester, Is Herself a Leftist

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Stephanie Rapkin, Who Spat on a Leftist Protester, Is Herself a Leftist

Shorewood lawyer Stephanie Rapkin spat on a black leftist protester while she was being verbally assaulted by other protesters. The person she spat on was rushing at her, with his hands cupped at his mouth, presumably to shout at her.

This, of course, because yet another racial grievance, leading officials in Shorewood to huff and puff about how there is festering racism in their own, absurdly liberal, suburb.

And also to demand that Rapkin, a lawyer, be disbarred.

Rapkin is a Leftist

How Rapkin votes is, of course, secret. Being Jewish, the odds are strongly in favor of her voting for Democrats.

And in Shorewood which in 2016 voted 77% for Hillary Clinton, and 17% for Donald Trump, a Republican voting Jewish lawyer would be odd.

But it turns out that contributions to ideological political action committees are public, available on the Federal Election Commission website.

She hasn’t contributed much. In fact only one $5 contribution in the last 12 years (although there may have been more not reported to the Federal Elections Commission). But it was to the leftist group ActBlue, which advertises itself as “Powering Democratic candidates, committees, parties, organizations, and c4s around the country.”

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One might be inclined to ask “is this really the same Stephanie Rapkin?” Clicking through on the FEC web page, we can see that the person who made the contribution is a lawyer from Shorewood, Wisconsin, and that the contribution was earmarked for “Warren for President.”

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Searching the state database for contributions shows only three relatively small ones: $10 to liberal Marquette Law School professor Ed Fallone, running for state Supreme Court in 2013, $25 to Lindsay Grady running for Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge in 2012, and $10 to Sandy Pasch, running for State Assembly in 2011.

While she has made only these political contribution (that we can find), she also signed the Scott Walker Recall Petition.

It would be tempting for conservatives to gloat, saying this is an example of the revolution eating its own. But what we really have is an elderly woman who tried to go shopping one day, found herself in the middle of a mob at the Shorewood Metro-Mart, and when she was verbally assaulted struck out at one person who was charging at her.

This was, like the much more significant cases of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, the media and elites imposing their favored racial narrative on an incident that didn’t really fit.

But then, you can make it fit if you ignore the evidence. And you can then engage in an orgy of virtue signalling.

[Hat Tip:] Louis Mankiewicz and Cameron Ausen on Facebook, who knew about the Walker Recall.


Mark Belling posted the following:
Stephanie Rapkin, the Shorewood attorney arrested twice over the weekend after confrontations with protesters, is an activist liberal in the community who signed the Scott Walker recall petition and donated to liberal Supreme Court candidate JoAnn Kloppenburg and Shorewood Village President Allison Rozek.

Rapkin, when applying for a vacant seat on the Shorewood Village Board two years ago, bragged that she co-hosted a fundraiser for Kloppenburg, the twice unsuccessful candidate for the Supreme Court and a Madison liberal. Rapkin, at the same meeting, bragged to Village President Rozek “I got you elected,” pointing out the fundraiser was jointly held for Kloppenburg and Rozek.

Rapkin is also a signer of the 2012 recall petition aimed at ousting former Governor Scott Walker.

Updated 6/10 to reflect state campaign contributions, and information from Belling.

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