Marquette Warrior: Travis Diener Prefers “Warriors”

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Travis Diener Prefers “Warriors”

Via The New Warrior.

It seems that now-sidelined Marquette stalwart Travis Diener would prefer the team be called “Warriors” rather than “Golden Eagles.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, which described the injury which ended the season for him:
It is not the way the great Warriors’ warrior--yes, Diener prefers Marquette’s former nickname, Warriors, to the current Golden Eagles--would have chosen to end it.

Until this season, Diener had never missed a basketball game because of injury. For Lent, “I gave up not getting injured,” he joked. (Avani Patel, Tribune staff reporter. Chicago Tribune. Chicago, Ill.: Mar 8, 2005. pg. 6)
Some of the opponents of “Warriors” have deluded themselves into believing that only the old geezer alumni prefer that name, and that the younger generation is happy with “Golden Eagles.”

The Administration has data on this issue, from a badly biased survey, but refuses to release it. The unavoidable conclusion is that the current generation of Marquette students has as much contempt for the “Golden Chicken” as their slightly older cohorts.

Diener, who is nothing if not a Warrior in the great Marquette tradition, has managed to get on the record with his choice.


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