Marquette Warrior: Howard Dean Calls G.O.P. “a white Christian party”

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Howard Dean Calls G.O.P. “a white Christian party”

That’s right, it’s those evil white Christians who vote Republican.

As a simple matter of social science, whites and Christians are more likely to vote Republican. And it’s equally true that blacks and atheists are more likely to vote Democratic. Imagine the firestorm in the mainstream media if a Republican official derisively said that the Democrats are “the party of blacks and atheists.”

And since white Christians are a majority of voters, and since the Republicans are making big inroads among Hispanics, denigrating white Christians isn’t the greatest electoral strategy.

What the Democrats are doing is what they did during the election of 2004: give the bigots a free rein to mobilize the faithful, and assume that the nastiness will be overlooked by the broad middle that decides elections.

It’s a strategy that would work if the mainstream media had the stranglehold they once had on political communication in this country. But the conservative alternative media can be counted on to hold people like Dean responsible for their remarks.

Thus the Democrats can’t hope to send out one message (a moderate, hopeful one) to the nation at large, and a different one (angry and hostile) to the faithful. They are to politics what General Motors is to automobile manufacturing: an operation living in an age now past.

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