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Friday, September 02, 2005


We recently posted about a conservative blogger who is delighted to see Che Guevara t-shirts on the torsos of young people.

Jiblog notes:
I can think of no better tribute to a brutal communist revolutionary than putting his likeness on t-shirts, selling them, and making a profit. Che must do a full revolution [nice choice of words] in his grave every time some dumb kid buys something with his likeness on it, creating a profit for somebody else.
If you agree with this, we have the right web page for you.

Che-Mart sells all kinds of Che t-shirts and similar items. As they explain:
Are you sick of seeing the face of a communist murderer everywhere? Does the sight of trust fund kids clad in “cool Che” t-shirts make your blood boil? Do you find it ironic that a dedicated communist has contributed to massive retail profiteering by capitalists t-shirt manufacturers? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Che-Mart we sell our t-shirts solely for capitalist pig profits. Please help us laugh all the way to the bank!
The t-shirts have slogans such as:
  • My American revolutionary kicked your commie revolutionary’s ass (with a picture of George Washington holding Che’s severed head).
  • Viva la Merchandise.
  • My ultimate goal as a socialist revolutionary was to have my face plastered on the t-shirts of rich white kids.
The web page promises more slogans in the future, so we are going to make some suggestions.

Readers should feel free to mail suggestions to These are the ones we come up with off the top of our head:
  • I took a course from a left-wing sociologist, and all I got out of it was this lousy t-shirt.
  • Are mom and dad going to buy me an AK-47 and a ticket to Bolivia?
  • This shirt is great for picking up chicks, but unfortunately only those with body piercings in weird places.
  • Why do people look at me funny when I go to the meetings of the College Republicans?
  • Hurrah For The Bolivian Army (from an e-mail correspondent).
  • This Shirt Brought To You By Capitalism (from another t-shirt web site).
  • No, I’m not Gilligan! (from an e-mail)


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