Marquette Warrior: The Liberal Student Bloggers are Back

Monday, August 29, 2005

The Liberal Student Bloggers are Back

At least they are at the 1832 blog, all fired up for the fall semester.

It’s good to see them online, although we take strong exception to one comment from Ryan Alexander.
Cindy Sheehan proves just how shallow the right-wing is.

The woman lost her son, who served our country, and the right, including, launches a dirty personal attack on her just because she doesn’t share their viewpoint on the war in Iraq. I can’t think of anything more disgusting.
Does Alexander know about the crackpot statements Sheehan has made?

Perhaps he needs some time to catch up on reading the conservative blogs!

Alexander managed to shake up some things at Marquette pretty good last spring, the Office of Student Development and Student Government being particular examples. We wouldn’t be surprised to see him do something like that again!


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