Marquette Warrior: Fighting Bob Fest: Ageing 60s Types Remember Old Times

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fighting Bob Fest: Ageing 60s Types Remember Old Times

Zach Corey of the 1932 Blog posted today about his sister, a college-age leftist who attended Fighting Bob Fest in Baraboo. One revealing passage was the following:
Sadly, as I looked throughout the attendees, I noticed only a handful of high school and college-aged students. I would say the average age of participants was 50 years old. We will determine the future of this country. Why weren’t more students there? As the future leaders of America, we need to shout out our opinions, put pressure on the government, and more actively engage ourselves in politics.
We are all for young people “shouting out” their opinions. But we can’t help but notice that when they are free to do so it’s quite frequently conservative opinions they “shout out.”

The notion that young people are inherently liberal or leftist is a superstition with no basis in social science. It’s more likely that young people are less attached to the ideas that prevailed in the past.

Which is why they find little attraction in the old fogies who met in Baraboo, trying to recreate glory days long gone.


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