Marquette Warrior: Galloway Talks to Older Crowd

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Galloway Talks to Older Crowd

As planned, pro-Saddam pro-terrorist British M.P. George Galloway spoke in Madison tonight, and said most of the expected things.

But perhaps the most significant thing about the talk was buried at the bottom of the story in the Wisconsin State Journal.
Lake Mills residents Jill Haycock and Margot Peters attended Galloway’s lecture together, and both said they were happy with what they heard. Haycock called Galloway a “dynamo” speaker and said she believed he was telling a truth many people didn’t want to hear.

When asked about the largely older composition of the audience, Peters said it was a sign that discontent with Bush and the U.S. government wasn’t just for college students anymore.
Translation: the old 60s types are trying to recreate their glory days, but the younger generation isn’t that interested.

Much the same thing was true of Fighting Bob Fest, a leftist conclave a week ago. According to the 1832 Blog:
Sadly, as I looked throughout the attendees, I noticed only a handful of high school and college-aged students. I would say the average age of participants was 50 years old.
The glory days are gone.


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