Sunday, September 18, 2005

George Galloway Attacks the Canadians

George Galloway, incendiary anti-war British MP, is the hero of the hard left, including the Madison Capital Times.

He recently spoke in Canada, a nation that has refused to send troops to Iraq. But that doesn’t make them sufficiently anti-American for Galloway. Rather, he chastized the nation for sending troops to Afganistan.
Mississauga, Ont. — Despite its refusal to fight in Iraq, Canada is complicit in the U.S. war on terrorism and should withdraw from Afghanistan, an outspoken left-wing British MP said Saturday.

“I’m amazed that so many people in Canada believe they’re not a part of this crime,” George Galloway said at the sixth annual conference of the Islamic Circle of North America and the Muslim Association of Canada.

“Canada has sent an army of 1,000 soldiers to occupy the Muslim country of Afghanistan (and ships to the Persian Gulf),” Mr. Galloway said.

“Your ships in the Gulf and your soldiers in Afghanistan are doing the dirty work of George W. Bush and Tony Blair. They are freeing American ships and soldiers to go to Fallujah and massacre the people of Iraq.”
Clearly, Galloway is on the side of the terrorists in Iraq, and indeed in Afganistan.


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