Marquette Warrior: Liberal Diatribe in Marquette Sociology Class

Monday, September 12, 2005

Liberal Diatribe in Marquette Sociology Class

From a Marquette student who wishes to remain anonymous:
This latest example of liberal indoctrination in the classroom is from Dr. Rick Jones’ Sociology 001 lecture on Thursday, September 1st. Coming into class hoping to discuss the 70 pages of reading he assigned, instead I received a classic example of liberal elitism. About 15 minutes into the lecture Dr. Jones went off on what can only be described as a diatribe. He broke off completely from the subject at hand and told us basically how conservatives are ruining the world. Among the highlights of this were that liberals embrace the future, and want to bring about a better world, and conservatives want to live in the past, fear change, and if it were up to the Republicans, women would not be able to vote. In his plea, he said the only hope for the world is more young liberal leaders. He also said that he pitied young conservatives, saying “they have nowhere to progress when they get older.” He also told us to listen to the language of Republicans, and how they are always blaming everyone else. (Ironically enough, as blames Bush for Hurricane Katrina...)

My favorite part of this is when he blasted what he called “conservative religions,” mainly Catholicism. According to Dr. Jones, only a conservative religion like Catholicism would not allow women to be priests, and that Catholics are living in the past. He also made a point to say that Christianity is founded on “a symbol, an interesting symbol” in Jesus Christ. He also he didn’t see Jesus as a Savior, but rather a “hippie freak” because “he had long hair, a beard, and hung out with the prostitutes.”

He went on to tell us about his undergrad years, making a point to tell us about how it took him 8 years to get his B.A. 8 years. Somehow I was not surprised.
If such a diatribe was directed at (say) blacks or women, the professor would be in trouble for “creating a hostile learning environment.” But in academia, hostility toward conservatives is not only acceptable, it’s almost required in some quarters.


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