Marquette Warrior: Media To Show New Orleans Dead Bodies?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Media To Show New Orleans Dead Bodies?

From the Badger Blogger:

. . . some observations on the desire of the mainstream media to show the dead bodies of the hurricane victims in New Orleans:
The media wouldn’t show the jumpers from the World Trade Center, they stopped showing the planes crashing into the towers, they didn’t show the remains of firefighters pulled from the wreckage. They told us that they didn’t want to inflame the public… But now they think showing the bodies of flood victims in New Orleans is just fine, as long as they think they can inflame people against the President. They are so transparent.
We have only one reservation about this. It may be that good taste will prevail, and that the media will choose not to show dead bodies.

If so, that will suggest that their point was to establish that their news judgment (and not a government mandate) should determine what gets broadcast.

But if they show any less restraint in New Orleans than they did about 9/11, the reason will indeed be obvious.

Check Instapundit for more coverage.


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