Marquette Warrior: NCAA Extends Indian Mascot Ban to Bowl Games

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

NCAA Extends Indian Mascot Ban to Bowl Games

Hat tip to Mike Sever of Red State University for this, from CBS News:
INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA is requiring bowl games to ban the “hostile” or “abusive” use of American Indian nicknames, mascots and logos beginning next year.

Only one Division I-A school, the University of Illinois, will be affected.

In August, the NCAA released a list of 18 “offenders,” four of which play Division I-A football. But three, Florida State, Central Michigan and the University of Utah, have already been granted extensions, dropping the number of schools to 15. The University of North Dakota also has filed an appeal, the NCAA said earlier this week.
The administration at Illinois has been much more willing to stand up the the politically correct crowd than the Marquette administration. A lawsuit sounds like an excellent idea to us.


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