Marquette Warrior: Yet More on Media Bias About Katrina

Monday, September 12, 2005

Yet More on Media Bias About Katrina

More of the splendid analysis of the media coverage of Hurricane Katrina from McBride’s Media Matters:

. . . while the New York Times ran a story with a strong blame-Bush bias, the Washington Post ran a balanced and comprehensive account.

Guess which one the Journal-Sentinel chose to use?

Our experience, without doing a careful content analysis, is that the Washington Post is substantially more moderate and balanced than its Big Apple cousin.

Perhaps this is the result of the fact that, in Washington, there are plenty of Republicans (at least on the political scene, if not in the population of the city). Having to deal with Republican politicians on a regular basis, they naturally tend to be fairer than reporters enmeshed in the very rarified and very parochial political culture of Manhattan.


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