Marquette Warrior: More Pro-Gay Intolerance from a “Catholic University”

Friday, November 04, 2005

More Pro-Gay Intolerance from a “Catholic University”

From Agape Press, with a hat tip to Ray Kastner:

Duquesne Sophomore Challenges “Sexual Orientation” Harassment Charge

By Jim Brown
November 1, 2005

(AgapePress) - A student at a Catholic university in Pittsburgh is protesting the school’s decision to punish him for opposing the formation of a homosexual student group on campus.

Duquesne University recently charged sophomore Ryan Miner with discrimination based on sexual orientation. Miner says he was punished for comments he made on a private website called after creating a group called “Against the Gay-Straight Alliance.” Miner explains what happened.

“I had written a blog, and I used not the most prudent of words but words that I felt coincided within my faith in the Catholic Church,” the student shares. “I said, ‘Why do we have to tolerate the sub-human actions of people like this on campus?’”

Following his comments online, a judicial affairs panel at Duquesne found Miner guilty of “sexual orientation” harassment. As part of his punishment, he was ordered to take down his blog and write a ten-page expository essay on the pros and cons of homosexuality. Miner, who is appealing the action, believes the school is employing a double standard and can no longer claim to be a traditional or conventional Catholic institution.

“I think the essay is profoundly a bad idea because it argues on the viewpoints both for and against homosexuality,” he says, “and the last time I checked I don’t recall [seeing] any viewpoints especially for homosexuality regarding my faith in the Catholic Church and a God.”
Some news accounts claim that Miner called homosexuals “subhuman.” In reality, he appears to have said that homosexual acts are “subhuman.” That’s not exactly the language Catholic teaching uses, but it’s not too far from “sinful” or “intrinsically disordered” (terms the Church uses) either.

But nothing in the Duquesne Code of Student Conduct prohibits saying unkind things about any group. It only forbids “harassment” and “discrimination.”

But in the minds of the politically correct campus left, just disagreeing with their opinions on homosexuality is “harassment” and “discrimination.”

So we have number fifteen thousand of a long series of incidents showing that universities are islands of repression and intolerance in the sea of a generally tolerant American society.

But it’s still a bit jarring to find Catholic universities intolerant of the expression of Catholic teaching.


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