Marquette Warrior: Staffer of Marquette Conservative Student Paper Victim of Vandalism

Friday, November 04, 2005

Staffer of Marquette Conservative Student Paper Victim of Vandalism

From the GOP3.COM blog:

. . . An account of how Brandon Henak, business manager of the alternative conservative student newspaper The Warrior was a victim of vandalism shortly after the paper was distributed on campus.

Nobody knows for sure who the perp (or perps) are, and it’s just barely possible that this is some crackpot’s idea of a prank.

But it sure looks like somebody has targeted Henak because they don’t like The Warrior, and don’t like its conservative and Republican politics.

Looking at the comments made by campus liberals shortly after the paper came out certainly renders plausible the idea that this was an ideologically motivated hate crime.

We have already analyzed Ryan Alexander’s post on the 1832 Blog. Equally hair raising are comments offered by readers of his blog.

Alert: Rough Language in This Post

For example, “Adam” said:
Wow.... That has to be the most pathetic thing I’ve seen since Fox News Channel. (and I work in the broadcast media!)
“Mike” said:
Yeah, Diana ... it really struck a chord. Another right-wing rag spewing Republican talking points that I wouldn’t wipe my ass with.
Rebeccah Sjolund (former President of the College Democrats) jumped in to play the race card:
I can’t help but giggle when I look at the diversity of writers for the Warrior. Almost all white male writers- WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!?

They did happen to throw 2 females and 1 minority in the mix ... way to stick them right in the front too so we can see how much you must embrace the ideals of a wider America!
An anonymous poster chimed in saying:
Far as I can tell, everyone in this string of posts is a whiny closed-minded bitch. But at least the lefties are intelligent, whiny closed minded bitches. I have yet to see one single argument by any of you right-wingers backed up with any solid evidence. The Warrior sucks as a publication and I am a little ashamed to be associated with that school; it obviously is failing to provide a solid education to its students.
Later in the same thread, this same anonymous poster jumped in again with a general rant against Republicans:
In fact, I think Republicans like yourself need to grow up. You believe that because you are privileged that somehow you are entitled to this privilege. You are most likely white and Christian and believe that Bush actually talks to God. Well guess what, being white and Christian does not mean you can squander the world’s resources, enslave the third world to make your Gap jeans, piss off France (and every other country for that matter), and send my friends to Iraq to die so you can save a few cents when you fill up your SUV gas tank.
What we have here, quite simply, is a culture of intolerance. Campus liberals are so obsessed with their own righteousness that they feel no obligation to be even slightly civil to conservatives.

Admittedly, the College Democrats we know would not vandalize the house of a conservative student.

But then the average Southern white in 1930 would not lynch a black person, and the average campus leftist in 1968 would not burn a building nor spit on a speaker he disagreed with.

In both cases, however, there was a fundamental intolerance in the culture that allowed these things to happen. It’s not that the majority would do these things. It was that the majority didn’t terribly mind that they were done.

Thus, there is a pervasive view among leftist activists on college campuses that Republicans somehow deserve to be attacked.


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