Marquette Warrior: An Ex-Employee on Wal-Mart

Saturday, September 02, 2006

An Ex-Employee on Wal-Mart

Bob Dohnal of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest might seem to be the sort who wouldn’t like Wal-Mart. As he explains in this article, he is actually part of a class action lawsuit against the giant retailer.

He says of the company:
I am not fond of the Wal-Mart culture. It is too regimented, leaving little room the entrepreneurial spirit.
But he doesn’t let that blind him to Wal-Mart’s virtues. Nor cause him to side with the company’s enemies.
Why then are the liberals so mad at Wal-Mart? Aren’t they the party of the little people? Why would they be against a company that gainfully employs more than 1.8 million people with benefits and decent salaries that delivers goods to low-income customers at decent prices? Are they nuts?

Of course the answer is yes. The liberals are not for the little people, they are for developing a secular/socialist government and non-unionized Wal-Mart without does not fit into that structure. When you add in Wal-Mart’s support for school choice and other conservative values, the left goes ballistic. They just don’t like what they are, they despise what they do. Wal-Mart does not fit into their ideal of social justice.

So what happens now? Will the liberals get any advantage by attacking Wal-Mart and what they stand for? It doesn’t seem to hurt their sales. If you stand at the front door and watch the people that go in, they are not the snooty upper class eastsiders from Milwaukee, that‘s for sure. They are the lower and middle classes going in to get the bargains to feed and clothe their families. Many of them must be asking what on earth are these snobs talking about? They love the place. Will this crusade by liberals get them votes? Not from the lower classes that‘s for sure — this is an elite crusade of the upper classes.

Frankly, it’s the conservatives who talk the language of this group. If the clueless people in the GOP would only understand that. This disconnection of the GOP leadership and their voters, is almost laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous. This group of people, the guys and gals that drive pickup trucks, use their hands for a living are fair game, but the conservatives have to go after their vote. Elections are not won by the upper crust in both parties, but on the ground at the Wal-Marts, and their working class customers.

If the GOP had the sense that they were born with, they would embrace the Wal-mart demographic and welcome them into their big tent. Who really represents the working class and who can do the best for them in their daily lives?

We know it‘s not the effete snobs of the liberal upper class.


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