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Friday, January 05, 2007

Little Mosque on the Prairie

It looks like a parody website.

In reality, it’s a real website for a comedy show.

“Little Mosque on the Prairie” will soon premier in Canada on the CBC.

The show claims not to have any heavy-duty political agenda, tossing jibes at Muslims and Christians alike.

Some bits of what are apparently going to be typical dialogue:
  • The Reverend: “Christianity didn’t survive 2000 years by being charitable.”
  • The Shock Jock: “If we don’t stop them soon, we’ll all be speaking Muslim.”
  • The Extremist: “Desperate Housewives?! Why should they be desperate when they’re only performing their natural womanly duties?”
  • The Local: “You can’t drink? I’d pray five times a day too.”
  • The Imam: “Muslims around the world are known for their sense of humour.”
Frankly, it looks to us to be a sort of “Northern Exposure” with a slightly more contemporary theme.

Our guess is that a liberal political agenda will creep in, not so much by intention but rather merely as a reflection of the worldview of the people producing the show.


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