Marquette Warrior: A Word to the Liberals on Tolerance

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Word to the Liberals on Tolerance

An article in the September number of The Warrior by Ethan Hollenberger deals with two attacks on the Catholic mission of Marquette and other Catholic institutions: the requirement by a Democratically controlled state legislature that all health plans must pay for birth control, and the recent activism favoring hiring Jodi O’Brien, who is both openly lesbian and scornful of Catholic teaching on homosexuality.
The issue for Marquette is whether or not it will follow its moral leader Pope Benedict XVI, a theologian who shares the opinion of Wisconsin’s Bishops. Marquette is a Jesuit University being forced to abandon Catholic teachers to appease non-Catholic employees who have willingly chosen to work at the University.

It seems to me . . . the Left isn’t happy with allowing Marquette keep its Catholic identity. Marquette is always being lobbied to disregard the Church’s moral leaders for a more “progressive” worldview. We see Christian values being attacked in New York City with the building of the Mosque near ground zero. If a person does not want that Mosque built, he is “Islamophopic.” If a person doesn’t want a dean who writes contrary to Catholic values, he is “homophobic.” And, if a person believes the Catholic teaching of abstinence before marriage, not preventing conception, or taking life, he is living in an older time. Folks, the tolerance goes both ways. Progessives, your worldview differs greatly from Catholic teaching, deal with it. Stop forcing Marquette to abandon its Catholic tradition. Finally, walk the talk and tolerate diversity!
Indeed, for way too many liberals, “tolerance” means accepting things they think are OK, like abortion and homosexuality. They can’t conceive of it requiring tolerance of opinions that they disagree with.

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Anonymous scott said...

What other reasons can people have for not wanting a mosque built? And how does its being built "attack Christian values"? One wonders why I should care, in any case, since I'm not a Christian. I am an American, however, and it seems to me that building ones places of worship freely is a longstanding American value.

4:04 PM  
Blogger John McAdams said...

it seems to me that building ones places of worship freely is a longstanding American value.

True, and every person I have heard say the mosque shouldn't be built here says the people wanting to build it have a right to put it there.

Suppose it were a Wal-Mart? You know perfectly well that your liberals friends would be fighting against it tooth and nail.

8:32 PM  
Anonymous scott said...

But you haven't addressed either of my questions. What reasons can people have for not wanting a mosque to be built? Does it not all come down to some kind of "islamophobia," as you put it? And how is its being built an attack on Christian values?

Being against the building of a Wal-Mart isn't the same as being against the building of a particular house of worship. One of them involves the singling out and disenfranchising of a group of people solely based on their religion, the other does not. Of course people have a right to be against such things, I just find it ugly.

It may surprise you to learn that, liberal that I am, I am also eagerly awaiting the opening of a new Mega Wal-Mart in my neighborhood.

10:51 AM  
Blogger david said...


I would love to see you put something together more full-length and publishable about leftist hush-hushing. From the blog alone you've got a good start at an index.

It would better serve your time than the back-and-forth between you and your readers on the left that made the conversation on the Bill Maher post such a snoozer. The left rhetoric on issues like this (tolerance, speech suppression) is so paltry that I read these conversations and think of them throwing pebbles and you launching missiles from a tank.

And just to re-assure you that you can bet your bottom dollar I'll never kiss your ass even when you're right, I'd like to make it known that your correlation between the phrase, 'least productive workers' and the minimum wage in the Maher conversation almost motivated me to give you a several-paragraphs-long, white-hot, deep-cutting, tongue-lashing, but instead I'd like to remind you of the wisdom of a mother's message, "all work has honor and dignity."

Maybe this should've gone on the Maher post, but that's old news at this point.

Just a couple thoughts,

Dave McCarthy

7:55 PM  
Blogger david said...

One more thing McAdams, (I notice this after every post) it's a bit of hypocrisy and a bit of arrogance to screen posts and make them visible on the blog only after 'blog owner approval.'

Hypocritical because of your constant commentary on the suppression of free speech by the left and because the screening's nod to presentability runs counter to your disdain of political correctness-- not to say I haven't seen you tip-toeing before ;).

Arrogant because it silently says that you think without the screening process your enemies will troll your blog.

8:06 PM  

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