Marquette Warrior: Lecture on Syria Tonight

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lecture on Syria Tonight

In academia, we have the luxury of discussing things of merely “academic” interest with little application to the real world.

But sometimes, there is a discussion of a critical real-world issue, and one of those will happen tonight.

Dr. Lisa Wedeen, who spent the first months of the Arab Spring in Syria, will be speaking about that country.

The talk with be in the Beaumier Suite, which is downstairs in the Raynor Library.

Yes, there will be an opportunity for questions, and indeed there will be a reception afterward. And there will be refreshments afterward — and more than minimal refreshments. It will include wine and cheese and veggies and fruit. And yes, that does matter to some folks (including this blogger).

This one fits into the “important for understanding important stuff in the real world” category.

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