Marquette Warrior: Virulent Response From FemSex Crowd

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Virulent Response From FemSex Crowd

We broke the story right here: the FemSex workshop, a very politically correct exercise, founded at Berkeley, brought to Marquette by the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.

The uproar caused Marquette to cancel the official University sponsorship of the program (although the students remain perfectly free to meet and talk, but without the official university imprimatur).

Some of the reaction has been pretty virulent.

Another virulent reaction has come from one of the organizers of the workshop, Claire Van Fossen. She wrote and sent to the Journal-Sentinel an op-ed piece that called for us to be punished for having the effrontery to speak up. In it, she said:
As a Marquette student, I demand punitive action on McAdams and am prepared to convene any and all students who have been hurt or slandered by him in order to ensure that he is held accountable.
Interestingly, she said students have been “hurt” by our blog posts. What kind of “empowered” women start whining about being “hurt” when somebody disagrees with them, and criticizes them? Get out the smelling salts.

She further claimed we should be forbidden to use the name “Marquette” in the title of our blog “unless Marquette is willing to stand behind his messages as reflecting the official views and opinions of the university.” This is a somewhat bizarre claim, since Marquette University has no trademark on the word “Marquette.” At least dozens (if not hundreds) of business firms use the word, which after all denotes a famous explorer, a town in Michigan, a building in the Chicago Loop, and much else.

Interestingly, she believes in the right of feminists to talk about sex with the official imprimatur, but rejects our right to talk about their talking about sex as a purely independent voice.

She goes on:
McAdams and his blog . . . are regular sources of oppressive, hateful content and blatant misogyny, not to mention homophobia, racism, and slander of Marquette students.
This deranged rant is an splendid example of the mind of the politically correct.

They don’t see legitimate differences of opinion. When faced with opinions with which they disagree, they see only oppression, hate speech, misogyny, racism and slander.

The worst part of this is that the students do not come up with this stuff on their own. They get it from faculty.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi John. Not sure how many other people read this blog, but as an alum, I appreciate your perspective and I frequently use this blog to stay updated on my alma mater. Please keep up the good work!

10:33 PM  
Anonymous wiprof said...

Scary stuff. I remember the virulence of the PC movement when it took off in the early 90s, then it seemed to taper off a bit after a few well publicized legal decisions that didn't go their way. It seems that PCness has regained its venomous voice. That is what is scary.

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John - I have no connection to Marquette(tm) other than living somewhat west of the campus. I do enjoy your blog, though, read it every day and would like to see it get a bit more active.

Also, as a homosexual, I stand with you both on your prospective and your right to express it. Just because one is homosexual (not the PC "gay") does not mean that one has to tow the ideological political perspective of the radical "gays", LGBQT or whatever is the politically correct term for homosexuals these days. This is a trap that has been set and activated in the black African American community for many years. Thankfully, many black African Americans are finally seeing the light and breaking loose from the required ideology.

Stand proud, John. You speak for many of us regardless of our sexuality.

To "wiprof" - the PC movement began long before the 90s. It was already in full swing in the early 80s and the term had achieved widespread recognition by the late 80s. Time for it to die regardless of its birth date.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, on a sort of related topic Marquette's Gay/straight alliance in which you have their facebook page linked to your blog actually changed names 2 years ago to Marquette's Gender Sexuality Alliance to be more inclusive. Figured if you were going to skew things you would rather appear to be correct.

3:44 PM  

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