Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Marquette Student Who Instigated Campaign to Get Samantha Pfefferle Cancelled Under Investigation by Marquette

Her name is Erin Cook, and she started the campaign to get Samantha Pfefferle who had been admitted to the fall, 2020 freshman class, cancelled from Marquette because of her politically incorrect opinions.

From her Instagram account: an e-mail she got from Marquette officials telling her she is the subject of a student conduct investigation:

We do not know if anything came of this investigation, and Marquette never reveals such information.

Cook, of course, is entirely unrepentant. She promises to “call out” racism, sexism, transphobia and xenophobia, which in her world are pretty much any political opinion with which she disagrees.

We don’t know whether her campaign violated any Marquette rules — although trying to get somebody punished for their political opinions ought to be against the rules at any university. But few, if any, universities have the courage to make or enforce such a rule against leftist cancel culture. Instead, they pander to that culture.

Any Marquette students who sent harassing or threatening messages to Pfefferle can be punished. We hope to learn that that has happened.

And we hope that Samantha Pfefferle’s success in fighting off the forces of intolerance will embolden students to express themselves freely, ignoring the threats of the Erin Cooks of the campus.

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  1. It appears Ms. Erin Cook has scrubbed the entirety of her social media posts from Al Gore’s internets.

    Wonder why?

    Did the Marquette University administration take action?

    Did Ms. Cook face private legal consequences from barristers representing multiple students she had viciously attacked and defamed in the public forum?

    Time always tells, just a matter of when we know the truth on this case...

    Good riddance.