Marquette Warrior: Campus Ministry Web Page Sanitized

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Campus Ministry Web Page Sanitized

Marquette’s administration recently refused to approve the Human Rights Campaign (a “gay rights” lobbying group) as a student organization on campus.

As we reported here, the “Pastoral Care” section of Marquette’s web site (run by the Campus Ministry) had a link to the national web site of the same organization. With obvious approval, it had the notation “internships for students. Job ads can also be found on their web page.”

The page has now been sanitized, and no longer has a link to that Human Rights Campaign. Here is the page as it existed just yesterday, with the approving mention of the organization.

One might say “good, Marquette is trying to be consistent, and maintain it’s Catholic mission.”

The problem is that the page still has links to, and a clear endorsement of, organizations like Lambda Legal and the ACLU. Lambda Legal, for example, has been carrying out a campaign of persecution against the Boy Scouts of America because the Scouts view homosexuality in essentially the same way the Catholic Church does!

So has the ACLU. Indeed, searching the ACLU’s web page for “Boy Scouts” or doing the same with the web page of Lambda Legal will show the extent of the campaign.

So it seems the Campus Ministry has made one small concession to the “Catholic mission” of Marquette, while remaining fundamentally politically correct. In places like the Campus Ministry (and the Office of Student Development), support for Marquette’s Catholic mission is something done only grudgingly, and only under pressure.


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