Sunday, April 24, 2005

Liberals’ Intolerance of Religion

It’s predictable. When religious conservatives organize to try to get judges who are more sympathetic to religion and to positions that religious people hold, the mainstream media go ballistic. Secular people – such as the ACLU and People for the American Way – are of course prefectly free to mobilize to oppose religious people, and have done so for decades. Columnist Cal Thomas explains what is going on:
This isn’t really about religion. It’s about results. Liberals have been happy to align themselves with clergy and congregants who preached a social gospel that mostly followed the Democratic Party line.

From abortion to gay rights, the ordination of homosexual priests, same-sex “marriage,” disarmament, peace movements, environmentalism, government programs and a host of other issues, any clergy or lay person who signed off on the agenda and objectives of liberals was more than welcome at the political table and was never thought to be a threat to the Constitution or accused of attempting to impose a theocracy.

But let conservatives organize to express themselves and suddenly we are told they are a danger to our way of life and religious storm troopers can soon be expected at the door to take us away in the middle of the night to dungeons where we will be brainwashed into accepting the religious and political doctrines of the uneducated fanatics.

For better, and sometimes for worse, “people of faith” have spoken to moral and political issues since before the founding of the nation. Why is the republic in danger only when conservative religious people speak and act? Why are only conservatives seeking to impose a “theocracy” and liberals are never charged with such motives?

The answer is that liberals fear their earthly power is slipping away. They are less able to impose a secular leftist world view on the country. They know that the courts have been the only means by which they have been able to force their views on a majority who do not share them.
The liberals always say, as a kind of a mantra, that “you shouldn’t try to impose your religious views on others.” Of course, the people who say that are delighted to impose their secular views on others. They are happy to impose feminism, environmentalism, gay rights, affirmative action and expensive social welfare programs on others.

Basically, saying that people can’t bring their religious views into their political actions is so convenient for secular people. Since they don’t have any religious views – or at least none that matter much to them – they are engaged in trying to disenfranchise the people who disagree with them, while leaving themselves fully empowered to impose their agenda on the nation.


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