Friday, April 29, 2005

Tolerant Liberals – 104

Screw Your Moral Scruples, We Are Going to Force You to Do This

Liberals claim to believe in “choice:” so long as they approve of the choice. Guns and SUVs aren’t things they approve of.

But what if somebody isn’t trying to use government to interfere with somebody else’s choice, but simply refuses to become involved with something they think is immoral?

This is the case when some pharmacists have moral objections to birth-control pills and emergency-contraception pills such as RU-486 and Plan B. Some pharmacists also object to selling drugs for executions by lethal injection.

Do liberals respect the pharmacist’s “right to choose?” Of course not!

Democrats such as Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., have introduced bills in the U.S. Congress that would force a pharmacist to sell such medications, notwithstanding any conscientious objections he or she might have.

As Debra Saunders asks:
How can feminists – read Boxer – say they support “choice,” as they conspire to outlaw the right of pharmacists to make a choice they don’t like?
The answer to this is straightforward. Feminists – or at least the committed hard core among them – are not tolerant libertarians. They are nasty authoritarians who won’t hesitate for one second to use government to impose their agenda on others, and individual conscience be damned.


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