Marquette Warrior: Alum Protests Voting Procedure

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Alum Protests Voting Procedure

Another e-mail sent to the Administration and copied to us
Dear Sir or Madam,

Why is Marquette adding insult to injury by making the nickname selection process such a sham? This is a free election in the same sense that the Warsaw Pact had free elections. From what I can see, this is what constitutes “seeking stakeholder input” at Marquette:
  1. Unknown and unnamed Marquette bureaucrats present a list of acceptable choices to the Nickname Advisory Committee.
  2. The Nickname Advisory Committee is allowed to choose a top ten from this dictated list.
  3. “Marquette Stakeholders” are allowed to choose a finalist from these predetermined choices. Any choice deemed unacceptable by the Marquette bureaucracy will be discarded.
Why don’t we just complete the imitation of a Soviet style election and have Marquette officials stand behind each stakeholder as he/she votes? That way we could punish those who vote incorrectly.

I am in the minority in that I have faith in the wisdom of Marquette students, faculty, and alumni. I don’t think they need to be lead like sheep to the “correct” choice.

The good news is we still have time to correct this rigged election process. Please do not throw away Marquette stakeholder input by tossing out votes. Please have faith in the values and education we gained at Marquette and count all of our ballots.

Thank you for your time.

Carl Boraca
Business Administration Class of 2000
The jibe about a “Soviet style election” is right on target. The one most important characteristic of politically correct people is their authoritarianism. They have an obsession with outlawing and punishing things that they don’t like.


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